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          Royal Saskatchewan Museum

          The Friends of the Royal Saskatchewan Museum are hosting the sixth Artifact/Artifiction, an evening of deduction, deception and discovery. Artifact/Artifiction matches wits between party-goers and museum scientists and staff. Get into the game with 20 peculiar artifacts from the Royal Saskatchewan Museum collections – and 20 even stranger tales about the items origins – are displayed throughout the gallery spaces. Plus, more games and entertainment including a silent auction, raffles, music, food AND Grand Prize. Winner of the game takes home:

          Oct 28, 2022


          New Species of Turtle

          The turtle is about 66 million years old and was found near Grasslands National Park in 2016, next to bones of a Triceratops. The species has a special name Leiochelys tokaryki, or "Tokaryk's smooth turtle" in recognition of long-time RSM palaeontologist Tim Tokaryk's work in the Cretaceous of Saskatchewan.

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          Donating to the Royal Saskatchewan Museum funds our scientists and the active science research that they do. Be a part of new discoveries, conservation efforts, and real Saskatchewan science by contributing today.

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          The Royal Saskatchewan Museum and T.rex Discovery Centre are situated on Treaty 4 territory, the ancestral and traditional territory of the Cree, Saulteaux, Dakoda, Nakota, Lakota and homeland of the M├ętis Nation. We acknowledge the land in an act of reconciliation to those whose traditional territories we are on.